Main Differences Between Thai Massage And Swedish Massage. 

Among the many types available, Swedish massages and Thai massages that people often confuse are the most common. In reality, however, the purposes of both of these types are entirely different. While the Thai massage is designed to relieve you from joint pain and body pain, the 서울 마사지 helps you relax.

What is Thai massage?

Thai massage follows a technique designed to energize your body and relieve your body’s problems, of which you are likely to suffer. The method is blocking and then blood flow release. The therapists involved put the pressure on the torso surrounding your legs and arms. As the therapist blocks and clearances the blood flow, the blood automatically finds its way to the limbs. The customer feels the pressure released.

The difference between the two techniques

The therapist uses the knees, legs, hands, and feet in a Thai massage to make the client move to create a yoga pose. This is why the Thai massage is often called Lazy Yoga. In this specific therapy, muscle compression, joint mobilization, acupressure, and deep-tissue massages are combined based on the customers’ needs, like a stretch throughout the whole body that even contains cracking knuckles, ears, fingers, and soothes customers from all sorts of discomforts.

Light pressure, muscle kneading, rhythmic tapping, friction, vibration, or shaking are five steps that the therapists usually follow in the Swedish massage. This technique focuses on relaxing the muscle nodes in the body, stabilizing blood circulation, and providing customers with a relaxing feeling.


The styles you choose depend on the problems you face. It is always advisable to talk to or consult the therapist you are about to choose. Follow the diagnosis together with the results you might expect after the session to get the best result.