Primary Reasons Why Going Blonde is the Best Choice

The color of your hair will tell a lot about your personality, and many people say that blonde girls are so much fun. If you know how to rock blonde hair, you’ll be able to pull anything off! Contrary to popular belief that blondes are dumb, those with blonde hair have fun personalities. That’s why the blonde vs. brunette stereotypes are not true, and you can enjoy being blonde without being called stupid. Plus, you can style it any way you want. You can check out these tips as a start if you’re thinking of going blonde in the near future!

No More Gray Hairs

Our once beautiful black or brunette hair will turn gray as we age. It’s something that we don’t want to experience, but it’s inevitable. So if you want to look young without a hint of gray hair, you can go and dye your hair blonde! If you’re naturally blonde, then good for you because gray or white hairs are probably not going to be a problem with you. Plus, you don’t need constant touch-ups, and you can embrace age with ease without having to worry about gray hairs when you grow old. It’s time-saving and cost-effective too!

Scientific-Backed – You’re Able to Make More Money

Believe it or not, numerous studies have been made on whether or not hair color can affect various things. And there’s one study where researchers wanted to see if a person’s hair color can affect the money they make. And if you look at the percentage levels, blondes have more chances of marrying into wealth. At the same time, blonde waitresses get more chances of earning tips while serving. These studies have shown that blondes earn more and make money easily. So if there’s a truth behind these studies, you might want to book an appointment with the salon for a nice color change.

Blondes Can Wear Any Type of Hair Colors & Still Look Good

Dying your hair is one of those perks for blondes, which brunettes will never understand. Imagine never having to bleach your hair because it’s already naturally blonde. On the other hand, brunettes will have t go through the bleaching process to ensure that the color they want will stick. Plus, it damages your hair in so many ways if you don’t treat it. Changing their hair color is very easy with blondes – may it be pink, green, red, or black! All you need is to touch it up from time to time if you want to make sure the color sticks.